Beauty in the Mess

In 26 years I have been to 26 countries, some of those twice even thrice but I have never done a solo trip. After a long 18 months of getting my mental health back on track I made the last minute decision to pick up and leave for a 3 week adventure to New Zealand,... Continue Reading →



When we know who we are, we are more able to live with intention. As most of you already know, this past year has been a journey of rediscovery for me; who am I and where do I want to be in life? For a month now I have been super quiet, apologies! I've been... Continue Reading →

Because I’m twentysomething. When I was thirteen, I couldn’t wait to be eighteen.  And when I was sixteen, I planned to be married by age twenty-six & have two kids by thirty. I’ll always smile to myself when I think about how time changes things. A funny thing happens about the time you turn twenty-five. People start... Continue Reading →

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