Travel with your bestie.

Travel has been a top priority in my life for over a decade, what started with a family trip to Thailand blossomed into 26 countries by the time I reached twenty-six. I have been blessed to see this magnificent world with family, work colleagues and a few of my best friends.
Travelling is the truest test of friendship.Travelling with someone really gets deep down to the bare root of your friendship: how similar nor not you really are? Many people are not so lucky to have an amazing travel partner (one of my first trips was very hit & miss) because it’s tough to find a friend who travels the same way as you.
But when you do find that friend or in my lucky case 2 best friends & you find out it works out, well girl you’ve hit the jackpot. You’ve truly found this best kind of friendship, nothing compares! Travelling with a bestie makes you see yourself through their eyes and self examine yourself. They push you & you get to understand yourself better.

The Travelling with your Bestie Stages:

1. So excited you could pee yourself.

2. You meet at the airport – ADVENTURE BEGINS…

3. You both talk yourselves stupid and pass out.

4. Destination reached – this will be the best trip ever.

5. You’re jetlagged but explore through your delirium.

6. First night and you pass out. The struggle is real!

7. You drag yourselves out of bed read to visit new places and experience new things.

8. You miss tours, eat & drink way too much, you get sick, take tonnes of pictures, have an absolute ball and help each other tolerate the boring shit!

9. Eventually it all comes to an end and you hugging good-bye at the airport ready to get home. Give it one night and you already miss having them around 24/7.

You come home with a million memories, too many inside jokes to bore your other friends with and maybe a few hoe stories [ that one night in Gili 😉 ]. And do not get me started on all the Insta Pics! “Girl you know how I like to work this lens”. We can demand fifty retakes just to nail that perfect traveller pic.

You encourage one another to step out of your comfort zones, you learn from each other and learn more about your bestie, understanding them on a deeper level. When you travel with your bestie nothing holds you back. You know all there is to know about them and you’re never ashamed, not even with bathroom habits, getting nakie or telling them you just can’t be effed today! It’s all laid on the table.

The connection you have strengthens from these incredible experiences. You will always be close and ready to plan the next epic adventure as you suffer from low-key separation anxiety.

So girls…. Where’s next? It’s bad manners to keep a holiday!


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