Armidale, I’m Frustrated!

So this week’s post is different to my normal blog topics, I had something else to post but today’s events really were ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ and made me so frustrated I needed to type it out.

I was not born here, I was born wayyyyy out West where things are not your everyday delight. My father was Police Officer and we lived in some not so amazing towns. We moved to Armidale where my parents were both from in 1998. I’ve always loved this town, freezing weather and all. I have always felt at peace here in this cute regional town set in the heart of The New England. It was an amazing place to grow up with great schools and a University, wonderful families and plenty of sporting. I appreciated having enough around me not to be spoilt and to really learn to make the most of my life. I moved away 2 years ago and still always felt Armidale was home. I may not live the rest of my life here but it always will have a soft spot in my heart. When I moved back in October to work on me with the support of being back with family, friends and a community I still loved, I was excited to be a part of it again. Man have I been disappointed.

The past few months have passed way too quickly, I have joined a few community pages and I have been extremely frustrated at the behaviour from some of the residents of this town. From break-ins to personal attacks, this town has started to slide but the most horrific part is noticing how much we do not support one another like we use to. We all know social media can be the devil and everyone loves a whinge online but one thing I do not get is how a group of humans can be so cruel and disgusting to one another. What happened to support, something I now rarely see. I’ve never personally had issues blow up for all in this town to see and make judgement on, but to come back home and see residents sitting behind their screens being absolute tossers to each other and getting a kick from it is appalling. Some of you really are a bunch cowards! Are we no better than our cavemen ancestors with this type of behaviour?

I have been reading a book called the Life Changing Magin of not Giving a F**K and it really has helped with my personal demons such as anxiety and anger, and it has opened up my eyes to only allowing good vibes into my life, being a better and kinder person and also getting rid of the toxicity in my life. I really do not know how so many people can bring such bad vibes into their own lives and the lives of others. So many of you thrive on the social communication of ripping into others just to cure what, your own boredom?! How can you thrive on such negativity? How purposeful is your life, really?

I get that there are some people who do morally incorrect things in this life, but remember we all have our own demons and no one is perfect. Terrible things happen in this life and some of this community do horrible things, but let the Law decide their judgement or if you’re religious let your own God judge them. What gives you the idea to think it is okay to slander, belittle and openly ridicule.

I am frustrated Armidale, frustrated that a community I once loved is turning on one another more often than it is supporting fellow residents, I’m frustrated that you’re creating drama for entertainment and that you feel you need to comment on the life of others publicly.

When we were children we were taught about bullies and how that affects the life of another, and in a world full of high depression, anxiety and suicide rates you feel it okay to fuel that fire.

I ask you this, who have you supported this week, who have you thanked this week, what have you been grateful for this week and who have your empathised with this week? Are you finding you have less support around you, that people are less grateful and more rude and that you’re annoyed at others? Well it starts with you, STEP UP Armidale and make a change!

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”


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